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According to Sesharatnam, most studies conducted to date in India have typically focused on issues at the micro-level and were evaluative in nature. As such, it is interesting to note that the following four issues emerged while interviewing the respondents. best cheap essays discount code Some of the respondents 13 percent placed emphasis on research on staff development. About The Authors B. Association of Indian Universities.

The purpose of this paper is to study the process used for selecting research areas and methodological approaches in distance education in India. He suggested focusing on the features of particular media to see how they contribute to learner outcomes, what possibilities exist in various settings, whether things are working, and if not, how to fix the situation. custom speech writing pdf download It also reveals the dominance of quantitative research, often at the expense of the more qualitative aspects of research. His areas of interest are distance education, teacher education, and thinking skills.

The handling of questionnaire will be done personally by the researchers and facilitated by the retrieval of responses. According to this perspective, research design and related methods is not an end in itself, but rather a vehicle to arrive at the desired end — the collection of reliable data. essay writing website qualities of a good student In sum, qualitative research methods need to be included in tandem with quantitative research methods at the research design level.

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With the changing scenario of methodology of research in distance education, respondents engaged in the interviews voiced the following viewpoints on the issue of methodological approaches:. Data collected from these interviews were subjected to content analysis; triangulation and peer consultation techniques were used for cross-checking and data verification. Study locale thesis sample To expand the interdisciplinary scope of research, deliberate steps must be taken to integrate researchers and their disciplines — systemic researchers and subject pedagogues alike. Indian Distance Education Association. In other words, PhD-prepared and even Masters-prepared individuals from one discipline should be encouraged to conduct research in other discipline.

Some Thoughts on Trends in Educational Research. Individual researcher can interact with fellow researchers working in other disciplines, any time, any place. Study locale thesis sample Also, conclusions drawn from the interview data could be compared to previous results and related literature.

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The quality of a research study is dependent upon the nature of the problem undertaken by the researcher, and the research design and supportive methodology selected to explore the problem. This respondent felt that barriers to interdisciplinary research is present in India, and that open universities should work to break down this barrier, and encourage experts in one discipline to cross over and conduct research in other disciplines. creative writing services ink journal Priority areas of research Issue of quantitative versus qualitative research Enhancing different types of research Methodology of research in distance education Priority Areas of Research Distance education is changing with an alarming speed, particularly as educational processes become increasingly globalized in terms of physical reach and scope of courses and programs of study offered.

This group felt research was necessary to examine multi-channel learning systems i. Both quantitative and qualitative research have their place and importance in research. college application essay writers knoxville tn In sum, qualitative research methods need to be included in tandem with quantitative research methods at the research design level.

They felt researchers need to go beyond quantitative studies, and add elements of qualitative methodologies to their research activities. Email the author Login required. essay paper writing service ppt Research Design This study used a qualitative research design to provide a more comprehensive picture of each aspect of the study. Skip to main content. Along with serving as an editorial board member of the International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning since its inception in , Dr.

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To this end, researchers engaged in distance education research are showing signs of increasing attention paid to issues in distance education research, particularly within the framework of appropriate theoretical foundations — a phenomena that is reflected in an increase in theoretical and methodological articles that have been published in recent years Saba, Some respondents approximately, 13 percent felt that research should focus on distance learning planning and'management. Approximately 60 percent of respondents interviewed advocated research conducted on examining learners and learning. Study locale thesis sample The analysis presented here, while based on a small but arguably highly representative sample of survey of distance education experts working in India, focuses on process-issues for selecting research areas, research design, and methodological approaches used in distance education. The respondents are those who are officially enrolled in Grades four to six.

To expand the interdisciplinary scope of research, deliberate steps must be taken to integrate researchers and their disciplines — systemic researchers and subject pedagogues alike. Nonetheless, Panda et al. Study locale thesis sample In sum, the research design and its evaluative methods should be chosen for is utility to solve a given problem. Help Center Find new research papers in: Open universities tend to be perceived as parasitical in the sense that they have historically relied on their host i.

These respondents held the opinion that if the research in question requires qualitative analysis — that method should be used. They also feel that research on student support mechanisms i. Study locale thesis sample The third step is to compute for the sum of squares within the column 4. Respondents offered the following views on this topic:.

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