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Keywords Measuring education , social surveys , quantitative data analysis , UK. We began this article with the claim that education is more difficult to measure than is often assumed. newsletter writing service descriptions The UK school education system has generally been organised into a two tier qualification structure which comprises a lower tier of examinations that are undertaken at the end of compulsory school and a higher tier of more advanced qualifications which are undertaken usually in the years that immediately follow post-compulsory school.

Buis and Lambert advocate scoring educational qualifications because a large number can be attributed to a single scale. As metric measures of education these are particularly attractive within statistical modelling approaches as they can be added to regression models as continuous covariates see Treiman, Second, taxonomies of the highest educational qualifications held Schneider,

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Tam, T A paradoxical latent structure of educational inequality: In our experience interpreting the influence of an interaction between a metric educational measure and another explanatory variable can be more straightforward than interpreting an interaction between two categorical variables especially when one or both measures have a large number of categories. American Journal of Public Health 84 6:

House of Commons Library, London. The second period was between and Bathmaker, Higher education refers to education completed in addition to compulsory school education, which is more demanding than secondary school education and further education. Educational attainment interpretation in thesis Journal of Youth Studies. Survey data analysts generally focus upon the highest qualification which a respondent holds when analysing adult samples.

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Evidence from a schooling reform. We outline the main approaches to handling educational information in social survey data. literature review write service for master thesis Kidner, C Curriculum for excellence.

We commence with an outline of important context which impinges upon the measurement of education. Card, D The causal effect of education on earnings. custom writing bay city texas Evidence from a schooling reform. The Economics of Education in the UK.

The expansion of participation in British higher education can be illustrated using social survey data. Measures of education are essential components of many sociological analyses and are powerful predictors of a diverse range of social outcomes. order papers online bukedde If the survey dataset contains respondents who gained school-level qualifications in different time periods, this issue is especially acute.

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This measure is routinely included in analyses see Eikemo et al. We advise against researchers developing ad hoc educational measures which do not facilitate comparability across studies and which do not support reliable and valid replications. Educational attainment interpretation in thesis A comparative and international perspective.

Schneider, SL Nominal comparability is not enough: Oxford University Press , pp. Strand, S Ethnicity, gender, social class and achievement gaps at age

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